Revenge Love Manhwa
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Best Revenge Love Manhwa: Your Throne, Depths of Malice, & More

Revenge Manhwa is pretty famous, whether it be petty or violent. However, what can be better than finding a story with a sweet balance of romance and revenge? The revenge love manhwa is quite a popular genre. And if it is executed perfectly, it’s just the cherry on top. Seeking revenge against the rotten antagonist and seeing them crumble down is a pretty satisfying feeling. So here are some of the best Manhwa with the best morally grey characters.

1. Your Throne

Your Throne is available on Webtoon, and the story revolves around Medea and Psyche, two ladies competing for the title of crown princess. The former believed she was superior in every aspect, but the Crown Prince, Eros, chose Psyche, which betrays her beliefs. However, the actual plot starts when both of these contenders swap bodies. As essential as the setting might appear, Medea and Psyche realize their true enemy is someone else. Even though there isn’t much romance in the story, the developing bond between the two main characters is truly admirable.

2. Depths of Malice

Revenge Love Manhwa: Depths of Malice
Photo Credit: Lezhin Comics

Rita swaps bodies with Verta Alberhart, marking the start of Depths of Malice. Rita was inflicted with a terminal disease in her past life and simply refused to die. However, life gives her another chance in the body of the beautiful and influential daughter of the Alberhart family. This Manhwa portrays a self-centered protagonist who just wants to accomplish what they want and knows very well what they must do to achieve their goals.

3. The Taming Of The Tyrant

Revenge Love Manhwa: Taming of the Tyrant
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Charlize Ronan wanted to bring honor to her family and became a tool for the emperor in the process. However, she isn’t aware of the fact that she’ll quite literally turn into a tool as the emperor transforms her into a sword through a painful magical procedure. Charlize is used against her will to kill and terrorize people, which ends up traumatizing her. However, Charlize finds herself back in her human body four hundred years ago. With a rather basic setting, The Taming of the Tyrant does a great job of devouring audiences with its enthralling story and ethereal art style.

4. Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband is a massively successful Webtoon that even got adapted into a K-drama. The story follows the unfortunate life of Kang Ji-won. After years of abuse by her in-laws and residing in a loveless marriage, she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend. When Ji-won confronts her boyfriend, he kills her, and miraculously, she travels ten years to the past. With another chance at life, she decides to make her best friend marry her husband instead. Knowing everything in advance, she sees through the lies of her manipulative best friend and ex-husband and outsmarts them at every turn. Marry My Husband is a great story that traces through intense topics like love, relationships, betrayal, and revenge.

5. Villainess Turns The Hourglass

Photo Credit: TappyToon
Photo Credit: TappyToon

People who love reading stories with the revenge trope must check out Villainess Turns the Hourglass. Similar to other protagonists in this type of setting, the protagonist of this classic series, Aria, gets a chance to travel back in time and live differently. She was known to be a villainess for mistreating her step-sister to no end. Moments before her execution, it was revealed that her little sister, Mielle, had been manipulating Aria all along. It was because of her provocation that Aria was about to be punished. Becoming aware of Mielle’s plans, Aria decides actually to become a villainess. Becoming what everyone believed her to be to save her mother and herself from Mielle’s evil schemes.

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