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Dateline NBC: Who Were The Suspects Involved In Ted Shaughnessy’s Murder-For-Hire?

Dateline NBC plans to re-examine the gruesome murder-for-hire plot that killed Ted Shaughnessy in 2018. The upcoming episode, titled ‘Ghosts Can’t Talk,’ will detail how Nicolas Shaughnessy and his then-wife, Jaclyn Edison, stitched a plan to kill Nicolas’ father. The episode will air on the network on Friday, January 12, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET.

On March 2, 2018, Ted’s wife, Corey Shaughnessy, called 911 to report that an intruder had entered their Austin home. Citing the arrest affidavits, ABC News reported that Corey exchanged fire with an unknown assailant before she hid in the closet. She called 911 and told them that her husband had endured several gunshot wounds. The outlet also stated that the police found Ted Shaughnessy’s body in the kitchen. Additionally, the authorities found that the kitchen’s window was open, and its screen was also removed.

The authorities started an investigation and ordered a search of Nicolas and Jaclyn’s house on March 5, 2018. As per ABC News, the investigators found a box of .380 caliber ammunition, with six rounds missing from the box. Subsequently, the authorities discovered text messages in which the duo discussed a certain aspect of the plan. In May 2018, the police arrested Nicolas Shaughnessy and Jaclyn Edison and charged them with “soliciting to commit capital murder.”

Where are Ted Shaughnessy’s killers now?

As mentioned above, the authorities arrested Nicolas Shaughnessy and Jaclyn Edison in the Ted Shaughnessy murder case. According to ABC News, Nicolas offered money in exchange for murdering his parents. Meanwhile, KXAN Austin cited police and reported that the culprits hired Arieon Smith and Johnny Leon to commit the murder.

Nicolas, Jaclyn, and Smith pleaded guilty to their respective charges. As a result, the court sentenced Nicolas and Smith to 35 years in prison in the Ted Shaughnessy murder case. Meanwhile, the court sentenced Jaclyn to 10 years probation, as per Daily Mail.

Currently, Nicolas Shaughnessy is serving his sentence in Clemens Unit, Texas. Meanwhile, Smith is in LeBlanc Unit, Texas.

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